Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Since it's Christmas...

I guess I'll give my quarterly update. Things are great at the time- the Vaughns are here from Florida to spend the holidays with us and we are wrapping up all our last minute shopping.

Rory is engrossed in first grade and playing basketball. He's also ALL ABOUT Avatar (the tv series, NOT the movie), star wars, and, of course, legos. He's reading like crazy which just constantly blows me away!

Otherwise, things are good. The snow is keeping us indoors - boo! I think we may try to get out and play in the snow today. If you can't beat em, join em, huh?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Is this what it's like to be a single mom?????

Brandon has started working out of town Monday thru Thursday- until February, maybe March. So I'm feeling a little ... what's the word... anxious???? I'm lucky to have a husband who really does his share and more. So now that he's missing for a good part of the week, I'm feeling a little swamped on a daily basis. I don't understand how the single mom's out there do it. I think I'll have a drink and toast all of them....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy New (school) Year!

Only 178 days until summer vacation!!!!

Just kidding- the school year is only 2 days old and I'm already swamped! So much to do- but thank goodness I only have 20 kids to do it for! I'm so happy - 20 kids! You hear me, world!!???!!! I want to scream it from the mountaintops - "I ONLY HAVE 20 STUDENTS!!!!" And so far, so good!

I love the start of a new year. Like a fresh, clean slate... While teaching does have its downfalls, there are so many great bonuses. There is nothing quite like setting up all the little desks with the uniform piles of books and supplies. Like a little schoolhouse army. Just setting in anticipation of all those little hands and minds. This is really the only time of year that my classroom is clean and de-cluttered. I love it. Totally zen. Well, close enough.

Rory's in first grade now. He's loving it- especially now that he's not in kindergarten. I think he's feeling a little bit like a big shot. Today he got off the bus and came inside for his snack. But first he wrapped his little sweet arms around me and said, "I miss you today because we don't get to spend all day together anymore." Like I said earlier- only 178 days left!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's that time again-

Back to school sales have dominated my mailbox and everywhere I look there are gluesticks, rulers, and crayons. Gross.

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's a sad day...

... I joined facebook. I said I'd never do it, but I couldn't help it. I'm not going to hope it doesn't come back to haunt me because I KNOW it will!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer pictures

Summer has been so much fun, and so exhausting at the same time. I mean, is it great to stay home with your kid all the time? YES! At the same time, is it great to stay home with your kid all the time? NO! I have got a lot done and read A LOT! We've also spend exorbitant amount of time at the pool. Thank god for the pool. I have already told Brandon that next year, we are definitely looking into part-time Day Camp of some sort! I don't think I cut if for Rory- his standards for playmates are pretty high!

Do you ever just stand in the middle of a room and think, "Whoa. Get me 18 garbage bags and 10 large mono-colored rubbermaid containers!" That's me. Since I've been spending so much time at home the last two months, I can't get over the amount of crap I have. When it was just me and the hubby, not so bad. But I'm amazed at what a profound amount of stuff a 6 year old can bring to the equation. I secretly purge things when no one is home (or no one is looking- as I am rarelyhome alone). You know what I am talking about- the mcdonalds toys, the stray legos, the chewed on stuffed animals, the temporary tattoos that never got any skin time... so on and so forth. That's the kind of stuff that is leaving my house in much the fashion as the prison wall in the Shawshank Redemption that Andy Dufrane took out to the prison yard, pocketload bypocketload. Maybe in twenty years, I'll have a clean house and will retire with Morgan Freeman in Mexico. I cannot mentally stand the load of junk that is growing -almost like a living thing- around me.

Here's some pics from the summer - Check out !
Rory rides his razor at Mary and Don's!
At the skills competition, Rory won first for base running, and second for hitting! He loved baseball and can't wait until next year (neither can Papa!).
Checking on Don's garden! I think he's ready for some of Don's famous "tomat"s!
Picking strawberries at Watermans:)
Pumping the well at Connor Prairie.
I am one handsome dude!

Papa rolls a perfect game on the wii bowling!

Our trip to Kings Island

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is here!

Already two weeks (nearly) into summer, and things are going great. Rory wrapped up his baseball season last week and the final picnic and skills competition is this Saturday. Baseball was really fun- Rory loved it and can't wait for next year already!

I'm full on into my summer reading. I typically don't read a lot during the school year with papers to grade and what-not. But I am in a book club and read the required montly book. I must say that the far majority of book are things I would have never picked up for myself, but ended up loving and recommending to others. I just finished The Help - a book my sister got me for my bday and loved it. So good. Kind of like The Color Purple meets Driving Mrs. Daisy meets Forest Gump - I know- weird combo, but so so good! I'm finished Invisible Monsters today.... I can't really tell if I like this book- but it's a book club book, so I'm invested. Next on the list is Boy in the Box... non-fiction about a unknown child's murder- but more about a community from what I can tell. Also, next is a book I've wanted to read since it came out a few years ago- FREAKONOMICS. By then, I'm hoping my next library request is in HOUSE OF EVIL.. about an Indianapolis murder in the 60's.

The oil spill in the Gulf is constantly on the news. I'm just so sick about this. But, aren't I partially to blame? Aren't we all? If not for our crazy dependence on oil, maybe these types of things could be avoided. My theory is that if you are going to drive your SUVs and continue to demand your current lifestyle- we are kind of getting what we ask for. I understand the people who are suffering directly from this- my heart really does go out to them... but at what cost do we keep this insane lifestyle up? I'd love to opt for green energy- but the OPTions are not there. At least not yet. It's just depressing. It feels like our country is going down the crapper- AND I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Politics aside, no matter who you back- democrats, republicans, liberals- it doesn't matter. As long as everyone lives in their little hole and refuses to vote or care for that matter- the people with power will do what they want.