Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Summer of Rory

Rory and me at the air show... Rory like the airplanes- but he loved the parachutes more!

Well, you can be sure that this is definitely turning out to be the summer of Rory. He is having a grand time, mostly because everything revolves around him! Right now, Brandon and Rory are flying a kite, which he's been begging to do for a week. Rory is really doing well, and his English has really taken off. Right now he's really into saying things like "YESSSSS!" and "Are you kidding me?" and "I LOVE being me!" (the last one is from the movie CARS). Much to my frustration, he is also saying "Every time...." at the beginning of a sentence when he is not happy with us. For example he says, "EVERY TIME, I turn off the luminae (lights), Mama turns luminae on. Everytime." (his response to us telling him to turn the lights off- I'm innocent in all this.) Also, "Every time, Mama eats the orange snack (cheese puffs) passe Rory (more than Rory) and Rory gets small orange snack. Everytime." (Which, okay, is probably true most of the time, but it's like living with the food police!).

Rory had his 1st of two major dentist appointments yesterday. It went really well, and it was hard not to laugh at him about 5 minutes after they gave him the sedation. Does that make me twisted? Anyway, it wall went very smoothly and we are going back for round two next week. After that, we have our Vaughn family vacation in Tennessee which Rory is so excited about. Every time we get in the car, he asks to go to nina and grace's house. He thinks that is where we are going no matter how we try to explain it to him.

This morning we were cleaning, which he still loves to do- go figure. Anyway, he cleaned the TVs, and was helping me clean his bathroom. Then, he launched into this big plan, how he was going to dust everything in his room and then downstairs, too. Then, we went into the garage to help Papa with some stuff and he used the blower to clean off the porch and the driveway. Now, he's discovered the measuring tape and walks around measuring everything. He things it's hilarious.

Papa's little helper!

Rory had his first overnight with Grandma Sanders last weekend. They went crazy and did all kinds of stuff, which of course HE LOVED. They even went to the Greenwood festival and rode rides! I think Grandma might have had an even better time than him!

Here are some pics of our last fishing trip. Rory is a great fisherman- catches them all by himself.