Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is here!

Already two weeks (nearly) into summer, and things are going great. Rory wrapped up his baseball season last week and the final picnic and skills competition is this Saturday. Baseball was really fun- Rory loved it and can't wait for next year already!

I'm full on into my summer reading. I typically don't read a lot during the school year with papers to grade and what-not. But I am in a book club and read the required montly book. I must say that the far majority of book are things I would have never picked up for myself, but ended up loving and recommending to others. I just finished The Help - a book my sister got me for my bday and loved it. So good. Kind of like The Color Purple meets Driving Mrs. Daisy meets Forest Gump - I know- weird combo, but so so good! I'm finished Invisible Monsters today.... I can't really tell if I like this book- but it's a book club book, so I'm invested. Next on the list is Boy in the Box... non-fiction about a unknown child's murder- but more about a community from what I can tell. Also, next is a book I've wanted to read since it came out a few years ago- FREAKONOMICS. By then, I'm hoping my next library request is in HOUSE OF EVIL.. about an Indianapolis murder in the 60's.

The oil spill in the Gulf is constantly on the news. I'm just so sick about this. But, aren't I partially to blame? Aren't we all? If not for our crazy dependence on oil, maybe these types of things could be avoided. My theory is that if you are going to drive your SUVs and continue to demand your current lifestyle- we are kind of getting what we ask for. I understand the people who are suffering directly from this- my heart really does go out to them... but at what cost do we keep this insane lifestyle up? I'd love to opt for green energy- but the OPTions are not there. At least not yet. It's just depressing. It feels like our country is going down the crapper- AND I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Politics aside, no matter who you back- democrats, republicans, liberals- it doesn't matter. As long as everyone lives in their little hole and refuses to vote or care for that matter- the people with power will do what they want.