Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever has set in at our house. We are trapped by mountains of snow and wondering if we will ever again see the green grass and trees. The newness of the Christmas presents has worn off and Rory is already asking how many days until his birthday/vacation/next Christmas. In the meantime, we are doing a lot of board games, videos, and legos. Watching the Olympics has been fun, and a nice change.

While the tragedy in Haiti continues, most of the world has moved on. What has made me so proud is the way that people we love have stepped up to help. We are so thankful for the effort made by so many to improve the situation. Another devastating round of tragedy is coming for Haiti as the rainy season is starting. The positive side of the situation is that Rory has been exposed to images of Haiti (good and bad), people are aware of where he is from and the challenges he most likely faced before coming to us. Just last week his school had Haiti week- raising money with themed days for the students. This week, the University of Indianapolis is having an Internation Dinner with a Haiti theme. The Daily Journal interviewed us for an article in the paper and even our neighbor went to Haiti for a brief time to help the Salvation Army there.

Despite the saddness of the situation, Rory has heard the name of his birth country roll from so many people's mouths, and I can't help but know that it is a good thing. Part of me is very sad because while he is surrounded by people concerned for Haiti, he is too young to know any different. When he is a teenager, there won't be Haiti week at school and most of his friends won't even know where it is. He'll be desperate for some sort of connection and the world won't consider Haiti a priority, unlike now. But, I'll take what we can get now and use it as best I can. I've saved tons of newspaper articles and taken pictures, etc.. Hopefully that will be a bright spot for him later.

I'm disappointed in myself for not blogging more. I miss it! I know other people who check the blog everyday to see if I've written (JESSICA:)). Thanks for checking in... I promise to do better!