Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I hate winter....

  • snow
  • 12 INCHES of snow
  • slush
  • sleet
  • freezing rain
  • freezing fog
  • black ice
  • icicles
  • shoveling
  • scraping
  • dirty cars
  • winter clothes
  • inevitable weight gain
  • coats
  • gloves
  • scarves
  • clunky boots
  • the amount of time it takes for the heat to work in the car
  • salt trucks
  • no green
  • no leaves
  • no grass
  • no freshly-cut-grass smell
  • no flowers
  • no birds
  • no butterflies
  • no iced tea
  • no nights on the back porch
  • no grilling out
  • no eating outside
  • no neighbors (or it least it seems that way)
  • no golf
  • no walks
  • no open windows
  • no fresh air
  • dry air
  • dry skin
  • dry hair
  • dry hands
  • feeling trapped
  • dark at 5:30
  • dark when I get to work
  • pumping gas when it's 5 degrees
  • brittle nails
  • pale skin
  • monotonous weather reports
  • socks (my feet need to breathe!)

But, there are some things I do like about winter....

  • snow
  • 12 inches of snow
  • snow days
  • icicles
  • snowfakes
  • feeling like I'm inside of snow globe
  • the very first, legitimate snowfall of the season
  • a white christmas
  • watching the wind whip the snow
  • cardinals
  • rabbits
  • watching the cats watch the cardinals and rabbits
  • ice on the trees
  • the quiet that you only get after a big snowfall
  • snowmen
  • cocoa
  • cookies
  • reading a good book
  • snuggled on the couch
  • a fire in the fireplace
  • stick-to -your ribs food
  • less salads
  • extra blankets on the bed
  • grateful that I have no reason to go out
  • American Idol
  • someone else who is willing to drive
  • a car wash - and, with it, knowing I have the cleanest car in town, for a while
  • clothes straight from the dryer
  • my fuzzy socks
  • my new pjs
  • sweatshirts
  • knowing that, even thought it may be impossible to imagine in late January, spring is coming.... eventually

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some links that make me smile

First.. this is a satellite photo of the creche where Rory is. It is the building at the bottom of the picture with the large yard in front. Also, we believe he is going to the village school now and it is the large cluster of buildings at the top.,-72.131821&spn=0.003784,0.004849&t=h&z=18&om=1

Also, this is the Chances for Children introduction video. It is very, very good and gives others a great idea of what the orphanage is really like.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Passport issued!

We are so excited... Rory's passport was issued today! We just got the email earlier and called the parentals to share the news. We are now looking at a mere 3-4 weeks for Rory's Visa appt. to be scheduled, which is when we can travel to get him. So hopefully mid-February. We are so excited, thrilled, and over the moon! We are ready to go whenever... we've been packed since AUGUST basically, but still have a lot of little things to get for the trip.

Apparently the powers-that-be are going to try to arrange for a group of us to go together to pick up our kids so that will be an amazing experience in itself. I've been lucky because I've been in constant contact with so many of these mothers that are adopting from the same orphanage. We are actually pretty close... we are supporting each other as we agonize over what each other's files are doing. We share opinions, stories, suggestions, and worries. I think the most amazing part is that the moms who've brought home their kids have stayed on the forum and write often about what they are experiencing with their little ones once they are home. It sounds like most are adjusting pretty well.

We are celebrating this weekend (yet again). Another milestone reached, and we are granted permission to get excited all over again. I don't talk often about not being able to be pregnant because it is a private matter. But, the closer it gets to Rory coming home, the more I can relate to the anxious feelings that my pregnant friends have gone through -each one in their own time. It is amazing, really - the only thing this could possibly feel like this would be if I were in my final month of pregnancy and my belly dropped. How awesome is that?

Mom and I did a "dry run" last Sunday to the airport so that OPERATION PICK UP (whenever it is) goes smoothly. I just keep thinking that the next time I'm there, we'll be leaving to get him. I'll be the one in the bar having a drink and crying my eyes out!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My take on sports....

Anyone that knows me knows my husband is a SPORTS FANATIC (and I mean that in the nicest way). At first, this was hard for me to understand. You have to realize, I grew up in a house when the only time sports was on TV was a.) when there was a NASCAR race or b.) the golf tournament was providing the ultimate sound backdrop for a Sunday afternoon nap.

So, you can imagine my adjustment when I married Brandon. I learned very quickly that 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!' I began by asking all of the dumb questions like "What's a first down?" and "Who is George Brett?" and "Why is baseball played in a dome?" Here I am, a decade later... exponentially wiser, but still asking questions. They are a bit wiser like "How does that weasel Mike Lupica have a job?" and "Is this tournament an 18 hole playoff or sudden death? I can't remember...." and "Why on EARTH is baseball played in a dome?"

I've learned to really like sports. Especially the NFL. I can't get into college football. I don't understand the whole BOWLs/rankings/BCS thing (and for that matter, I don't think anyone does). Also, I can't stand the NBA. I mean, seriously. How can you get into a sport where no one gives their best effort until the last two minutes of every game? I really like golf, and play it, but as a spectator, you can watch any ol' tournament all year long with little to now emotion. But the four majors make up for it.

We love COLTS football at our house. So, today we watched in sadness as our beloved Coach Dungy retired from coaching. I even cried a little. Just a couple weeks ago, Brandon and I went downtown and we went to see the dome's remnants after the implosion: the pics are below. It's amazing how fast things can change, isn't it???

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009- YAY!!!!

I'm sure you are all shocked that I haven't posted in FOREVER. Christmas was amazing. Lots of food and good company. I was surprised that it was actually so good. With this being the first Xmas without Dad and we didn't have Rory, I thought it would be a major downer.

But... it wasn't!

We had a really good time. We played catch phrase, which I officially ROCK at. Also, Brandon and I decided that EVERY HOLIDAY from here on out, we are bringing a large container of vodka and just setting it on the counter. It's interesting to see what happens!

Winter Break seemed like it actually lasted forever. I think that is because the Haitian GOVT didn't go back to work until Jan. 7th. It was nice actually to stop thinking about it for a couple weeks because I KNEW nothing new would happen. Right now, we are just waiting for Rory's passport to be issued and a visa appt to be made. We contacted Senators Bayh and Lugar. Evan (I like to call him Evan... I think if we met, we would be on a first name basis) actually sent us a letter - we got it yesterday saying they contacted the embassy in Port-au-Prince asking for them to make our visa appt. already. Lugar's people (who I actually talked to on the phone) said that she would call them and get back with me. How's that for service? Will anything actually be speeded up? I doubt it, but even if there is a chance, it's worth it.

I bought Rory some lotion the other day. That was exciting! It really is the little things that get me all worked up. This morning I went upstairs to iron something and saw his little toothbrush in the bathroom. It is so exciting to think that little yellow toothbrush is going to be in his mouth pretty soon! Can't wait!

Another exciting milestone... got my papers to ammend all our insurance AND offically asked for my eight week leave from work. I wish I could take off the rest of the year... but I'm just lucky to have that much.

In other news.... I'm on the lookout for a wii fit. Can't find one anywhere and from what I hear they are awesome. It'll be my bday present. I'm pretty happy that I didn't gain to much weight over the holidays.... considering how I ate! Holy cheese and bread and candy! I actually threw out most of it just so I wouldn't eat it.

My goal is to post pics from the new year's trip up to Hoster's Cottage... way fun, and some other pics too. This weekend probably. In the meantime, I'll probably be finishing DUMA KEY--- my new steven king book. Is it me or have they made books thicker and the pages skinnier?