Saturday, January 23, 2010

For a change, some really good news

For the last week and a half, we've watched the footage of Haiti - we can't wrap our minds around how devastating this is. Or how very lucky we are to have Rory home with us.

But the most amazing aspect is the reaction of everyone around us. I just can't get over how many people have dug into their wallets and gave to the cause. It is truly wonderful and touching.

Joyous news- The creche is secure for now with 4 months of food to sustain the orphans that are there and the many new orphans that are expected to join them. The Phoenix Suns - yes, the nba team- made it possible to secure a private plan AND helicopter the supplies to the creche. I never enjoyed NBA basketball, but I think I can say that I have a new favorite team.

Security is a major issue. I just read that they are leveling ground in Croix des Bouquets ( the nearest major town) and a giant tent city will be erected there. My truest hope is that the creche will remain safe, but it is clear that those who desperately need food will stop at nothing to get it for their families.

More joyous news- 22 kids from the creche made it home. The C4C people have been to Washington, on CNN, and finally to Haiti to relentlessly beg for visas from the US embassy for these kids... they arrived on Friday in Ft. Lauderdale. This video was mostly about another creche that didn't have same success. I hope they do soon. The end shows Rory's friends coming home. Get your kleenexes!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I've had a lot of people asking me today about the orphanage after yesterday's earthquake. I just heard that the orphanage had some damage- all the kids are okay. Very lucky considering how close it was The transition house in Port-au-Prince has "major damage". This is the hub of the foundation's activity- lawyers, doctors, etc... all work on adoptions out of that building. I'm just devastated for those who are still waiting on their children. What an emotional dead end they must be facing.

Brandon and I are both just speechless... having seen Haiti and knowing what a poverty-stricken nightmare it is, we can't even imagine how things will get better there. How will they ever survive this?

Here is the link if you would like to help:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy 2010!

Christmas at Grandmas:) Rory tries on his new duds:)

Christmas morning... notice that it is still pitch black outside!

Christmas eve... cookies, legos from Grandma and Grandpa Vaughn, and even a gingerbread house:)

I just can't believe that Christmas is over and here we are, well into the beginning of the new year. I'm amazed at how time flies when you have a kid. LIKE LIGHTNING!

Our trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory Train Exhibit:) BEAUTIFUL!

It's about 15 degrees today.... the norm since new year's day. The annual patches of dry skins are showing up and my car looks like poop. There is about 6 inches of snow on the ground... more falling today, and yet- it's too cold to go sledding. The newness of Rory's Xmas presents has worn off and today he is just focused on driving me BANANAS! Just a minute ago, he was right here demanding that he get to watch a Coldplay video on youtube. Whatever... not to mention I just spent the last three hours playing legos and racing cars with him. Seriously, another issue... is every 5 year old a pathological liar? What IS that!?!?!?!? I told him to quite literally take off and find something else to do. So, right now, I can hear him downstairs driving Brandon nuts :)

Christmas was great and we had a lot to do. He loved every stinking present and thought that Santa Claus was his own personal hero. We think he might have been doubting Santa's ability to know he was here, but he was convinced the next morning at 5:30!!! UGH!

Please watch videos on our youtube channel... just click the video bar on the side. In other news, Rory just got his report card and it was fantastic! We are in awe of how great the people at his school are. They are just awesome. We are going to Malana's wedding at the beginning of March and spending some extra time with the Vaughn family in Tampa. We are excited to go!