Sunday, October 26, 2008

More pictures... but no news:(

I'm so grateful that I'm in the company of other mom's throught the Chances 4 Children forum. Not only do we get to offer each other support and advice, but we also share pictures from our trips! According to the parents returning from the creche, things are going really well. The finally got to deliver the supplies from the summer box drive which were stranded in Miami during the hurricanes! Anyway, here are pictures from other parents and some great pictures of Rory. Hopefully more to come this week!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Evil Cats

We have two cats.. Chilly Willy (Gigi or Gigs) and Kiki. They are horrible. Awful. Downright irritating to NO END.

Kiki, shown here, is actually the better behaved of the two. She is socially defunct and hates all people, including us a lot of the time. She hates the vaccuum, sheds like there is no tomorrow, and is getting on in her years... she'll be 10 in February. She reminds us of the old grumpy man that can be found at any American Legion on any given day. Set in her ways and pretty much crappy all of the time. She loves wet food and actually KNOWS what the words "wet food" mean. She hisses and barks when she's really ticked off. She's been plotting her escape for some time now, trying to get out the garage, front door, or back door whenever possible. She's actually tried it more than a lot... especially since the arrival of Gigs about 5 years ago.

Gigs actually came to us as a stray that Brandon found abandoned in one of the homes he was building. I refused to keep her, but by the time he returned from work a few hours later, I was totally attached to her.

We are thoroughly conviced that Gigs has the feline version of ADD, mixed in with some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and maybe some bipolar thing going on. Our assessment is that she is either a genius or the stupidest, most draining cat of all time. She drives us nuts on a regular basis. Some of her most annoying habits are (in no particular order):

  • Chewing paper
  • Chewing through electrical cords
  • Knocking over anything that is liguid
  • Chasing kiki
  • Trying to perform WWF moves on Kiki
  • Depositing socks from the hamper in her water bowl
  • Stands on us in the middle of the night
  • Knocks stuff off the mantle/dresser/nightstand/counter
  • Steals straws from my drinks
  • Hogs the bed
  • Only drinks water out of the kitchen sink (right, Paul?)
  • Hisses at every person, but won't run away from them... just keeps hissing
  • Bites- usually just us
  • Tries to lick chicken that is thawing
  • Occasionaly sneaks into the dryer
  • Chews through screen on doors/window SUCCESSFULLY

Brandon is convinced that she is a form of the devil.

But, they are our cats and they do have their good points. Kiki likes to snuggle and rolls on the floor and purrs a lot. Gigs is just entertaining and she can fetch! Like a dog! We love our cats, even though they are psycho.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yea! It's fall!

So, I now completely realized that my last post was over the top. Please ignore....
Hope you enjoy our newest picture of Rory. He looks a lot older, but healthy and happy :)

Anyway, still no news. We are sending our VISA packet next week so that it is ready to go when the US Consolate needs it. What does that mean? Nothing really.. just trying to stay one step ahead of everyone down there. We are just hoping that we get some news soon. We talked to Vivian yesterday, and she said that the last time she checked in she asked if they need anything else for us (documentation-wise) and they said 'no', so I guess that's a good thing.

Maybe we'll have something to report later. I've been sick for the last two days and have missed work. Brandon is awesome. He takes such good care of me. He drove me to work this morning at 5:00 so I could set up my sub plans. Anyway, feeling a little better right now. Hopefully that's the worst of it.

I have parent conferences and fall break next week. Fall break should be fun. We are going to Eagle Point and hopefully golfing if it's not too cold. It should be nice - and pretty!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy October!

Is it even possible that today is the second day of October! When I walked my kids out to the bus yesterday, the air had that hard-to-describe fall quality to it. I love days like that! Makes me want to buy a pumpkin and eat caramel apples!

We have no news (as usual) to report. A couple went last week to get their kids and there is word that some people will be going in the next few weeks. However, I don't think it will be us. There are two families who actually have been in MOI longer than us. I had thought, up until a few days ago, that we had been in MOI the longest, but, I was wrong. It's hard to keep track of where people are and whose moved and who hasn't. Besides, I try to explain to people that it's not like waiting in a line.... Just because your NEXT doesn't mean you are next. We are just over the two month point in MOI and worried that it might take the entire three months.

If you don't want blatent honesty, then you shouldn't read the rest of this.

Here's what totally urks me as of late. I don't mind people asking about updates, or what we've heard, if anything. However, it is the people who act so pained that it is taking so long are about to drive me nuts! I know that they mean well and their pain is for ME, but it is so difficult to wait and keep myself composed. It takes a whole other level of stamina and patience to comfort the people around me. It isn't all the time, and it really isn't one or three particular people, it just the reaction that drives me crazy. Brandon and I have sworn that if we were to EVER adopt again, we won't tell a soul. It's just too much pressure. Again, I'm not mad at anyone, just at the situation. I know that's at the root of why I am not posting as much as I should.. I mean how many different ways can you say "We are still waiting" with a smile? Ugh.

But... JOY OF ALL JOYS! I got my Smartboard installed in my classroom this week and it is AWESOME! It's like a interactive whiteboard/computer. The kids totally dig it and I am in heaven! If you've never seen one, Try this link:

I am totally pumped. The single most exciting development in my teaching career. I LOVE it. As I told one of the other teachers, I would totally make out with it if I could!!! She laughed until she saw it and now understands!

Happy Fall:)