Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break!

The spring cleaning has commenced! You know your house is in sad shape when you are so excited to wake up every morning during your one week break to CLEAN. So far, I've accomplished all the bathrooms and bedrooms. De-cluttering is my passion, so anything that doesn't measure up to a certain standard is thown out or put into the ever-growing garage sale pile. Unfortunately, Rory discovered my 'toys to go out' garbage bag and unloaded it as though he was rediscovering all of his favorite long-'lost' toys. Ugh. Score: Rory- 1, Mama- 0.
Rory's school had an awards convocation last Friday and he got a math award. They had a rodeo theme, so you'll see he dressed the part! I skipped out of work, with some low-grade groveling and begging, and headed over to watch. It was too cute!
It's so surreal to know that he has been home over one year. When I think back to where we were last year, I'm amazed at the progress we've ALL made. The true scope of adopting a child - especially from another country- is really starting to reveal itself now that Rory has nearly mastered English. Now, he has the ability to ask some really difficult questions, some I wasn't expecting so early. And with a five year old, there's no easily understandable answers. Just yesterday, we were in the car going to playground, and Rory asked if George Washington was born before me (yes, GW- no laughing from the peanut gallery :)). We were talking about Presidents and of course he asks, "Can I be the President?" Most anyone else can say, "Well, of course, child-o-mine, you can be anything you want to be." But, I had to, in very plain terms, explain that "No, the rules say that you have to be born in the USA to be president, and you were born in Haiti. Maybe one day the rule will change, but for now, no, you can't be president." It broke my heart, because in the matter of about two seconds, I was reminded yet again, that his situation will forever have boundaries. About then was when he informed me that was fine, he would just go back to Haiti and be the president there. Total exasperation. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he couldn't do that either, since he was no longer a citizen. I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it- maybe in 2nd grade! Anyway, just about then, he let me know that "That's okay, Mama. I'm going to be a police officer."

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you get some good eggs:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Florida Trip

At Grandma and Grandpas
Playing my new favorite game... SORRY


The Fam at Malana's Wedding

I love my Aunt Malana

We recently returned from our trip to Florida... happy to announce that Malana and Josh got hitched and we got to spend time with the Vaughns. It was a really fun trip. The ceremony in Sarasota was beautiful, although a little chilly. We got to see a lot of the area and Rory had a great time. I love Florida. The palm trees and fresh air is just great and what we really needed after a long, snowy, cooped-up winter. When we returned home, guess what? 60 degrees in Indiana WOOHOO! Can't beat that!