Saturday, September 12, 2009

Six Months HOME!

Well, Labor Day was Rory's six month anniversary of being home. What a wild six months. In some ways, it seems like a flash... and in others, like an eternity.

Rory started school on August 10th and hasn't looked back. He loves school, especially riding the bus and packing his lunch. He's developed the reputation (around our house, anyway) as the town cryer. He comes home everyday and gives us a full report on what other kids have been up to and who is getting in trouble. His teacher gave him a glowing report just recently and says that he is always smiling a.k.a. 'he's so sweet'. Those of us who really know Rory know better! I'm sure he's just concocting his next scheme! Seriously, he is sneeky, but overall very well-behaved.

Brandon's parents visited in late August and we had a really good time together. Grandma taught Rory to play war and some other games, while Grandpa must have been pretty worn out by the end of the trip from playing ball so much. Rory rarely let him sit down. He misses them so much- we loved having them here.

Rory also started soccer. The first game was today. At first, Rory was very hesitant ... but right around half-time-BOOM- something just clicked and he totally just took off! No score is kept in his league, so I can't be sure... but I think he scored three goals. He's the ringer of the team according to the asst. coach (a.k.a. Pappa)!

In the last month, Rory has just blossomed. He's really come into his own. There is hardly anything we can say anymore that he doesn't understand and he just loves everyday. He sleeps solidly through the night (FINALLY) because the school day is just so long. He is actually reading- yes, reading- for school and just last night we were reading a book and he said, "Mama-look- 'little'"... he recognized the word he'd been working on all week in one of our books before I could read it. Brandon and I are really enjoying this time, because he is so happy! On Thursday, we told him about a big trip we are taking in two weeks. We are going to the Chances 4 Children reunion in Ft. Lauderdale and there will be around 25 other kids there. They are all home now and the look on his face when it dawned on him that he was going to see his old friends... oh, enough to melt your heart! However, he is also really excited to go on the airplane. Hasn't been on one since our trip home, so it will be interesting!