Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer pictures

Summer has been so much fun, and so exhausting at the same time. I mean, is it great to stay home with your kid all the time? YES! At the same time, is it great to stay home with your kid all the time? NO! I have got a lot done and read A LOT! We've also spend exorbitant amount of time at the pool. Thank god for the pool. I have already told Brandon that next year, we are definitely looking into part-time Day Camp of some sort! I don't think I cut if for Rory- his standards for playmates are pretty high!

Do you ever just stand in the middle of a room and think, "Whoa. Get me 18 garbage bags and 10 large mono-colored rubbermaid containers!" That's me. Since I've been spending so much time at home the last two months, I can't get over the amount of crap I have. When it was just me and the hubby, not so bad. But I'm amazed at what a profound amount of stuff a 6 year old can bring to the equation. I secretly purge things when no one is home (or no one is looking- as I am rarelyhome alone). You know what I am talking about- the mcdonalds toys, the stray legos, the chewed on stuffed animals, the temporary tattoos that never got any skin time... so on and so forth. That's the kind of stuff that is leaving my house in much the fashion as the prison wall in the Shawshank Redemption that Andy Dufrane took out to the prison yard, pocketload bypocketload. Maybe in twenty years, I'll have a clean house and will retire with Morgan Freeman in Mexico. I cannot mentally stand the load of junk that is growing -almost like a living thing- around me.

Here's some pics from the summer - Check out !
Rory rides his razor at Mary and Don's!
At the skills competition, Rory won first for base running, and second for hitting! He loved baseball and can't wait until next year (neither can Papa!).
Checking on Don's garden! I think he's ready for some of Don's famous "tomat"s!
Picking strawberries at Watermans:)
Pumping the well at Connor Prairie.
I am one handsome dude!

Papa rolls a perfect game on the wii bowling!

Our trip to Kings Island

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